Eddie Virtual Amp

Eddie Virtual Amp

EDDIE VIRTUAL GUITAR AMP is a digital reincarnation of a modern American iconic high gain lead amp[1], that is state of the art for modern heavy rock and metal sound. It is a direct replication with advanced algorithmic implementation of this amp, to capture the sound in detail, as far as possible. The amp has three channels: clean, lead 2 and lead 3 for cutting high gain sounds. Beyond the original, this Virtual Amp also has an adjustable Mid Frequency (M.F.) and an additional Mid Cut (M.C.) per channel, to give you the possibility to tailor the sound even more to your needs. To your convenience the Virtual Amp (VA) also comes with a built-in Impulse Response Loader for direct access to a built-in or loadable custom cabinet model. The VA can be played as stand-alone Program or as VST/AU plugin in your Digital Audio Work Station. Also, a quick record functionality is available to record ideas directly in stand-alone mode as high quality 16-bit wav files. Furthermore, input and output level meter are available to prevent unwanted clipping distortion. All VA Settings are automatically stored after each session and restored at the next start. Settings can also be stored via preset as usual.


[1]: 3rd Gen., 50W full tube power variant.  


Remark: Each purchased License is valid for the installation on one computer. Therefore, a machine dependent Request Code must be generated out of the Virtual Amps License Dialog and send to us. We will then reply to you with a dedicated Key File to unlock the Virtual Amp on your machine. Until this procedure has finished the Virtual Amp will remain in DEMO MODE, which gives you the possibility to try out the sound, response and functionality of the software, but will open a DEMO MODE dialog box from time to time, that interrupts the user experience.

  • Virtual Guitar Amp (Stand Alone | VST Plugin)

    Virtual Amp as Stand Alone and VST3 DAW Plugin, that recreates the great tube sound of expensive high quality guitar tube amps on your computer.

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